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Come and visit the Sunshine Coast’s Big Pineapple

(Open every day from 9-4pm)
The Buderim Fiesta Motel is the ideal location to visit Queensland’s Big Pineapple. Located only approximately 7 minutes drive from the motel, you can have an amazing fun filled visit to this Australian national classic tourism site. Our motel is the best accommodation option on the coast to visit the pineapple due to its short travel distance. You can have an enjoyable day out and return to our comfortable motel to relax.

The Big Pineapple is Queensland’s tourist iconic treasure

1971 was the year that this modern day national gem was opened. Since this historically significant date, numerous modifications have occurred at the site, yet it has never lost its ranking of being a national legendary monumental Queensland attraction. It is ideal for couples, singles and families wanting a fun adventure where you can get a feel of ‘country Queensland’ with picturesque surroundings. It is commonly known for being a tourist quintessential site for many reasons, however, most notably for its representation of ‘traditional pineapple growing’. You can learn the essentials of growing pineapples from scratch right through to the factory process. Detailed below are the various charms attributable to the Big Pineapple.

Have an adventure at the Wildlife HQ zoo

The Wildlife HQ zoo is a popular attraction because it is the home of adorable farm animals, national wildlife and international diverse species of creatures (many of which were rehomed here from the Alma Park zoo). All residence enjoy a peaceful/happy existence in beautiful surroundings.
Staff are dedicated to providing educational and conservational awareness to ensure the preservation of its happy animal residence (as well as taking care of them for the rest of their lives). The animals at the zoo love living at the pineapple as they are not only cared for and tended to affectionately but all their needs are met and they are showered with enormous care. This is a must see for animal lovers. There are many adorable farm animals eagerly waiting for your arrival to receive a pat.

Take a train trip and take in the breathtaking sites

(Departing every ½ hour, the train trip is $5 per person and children under 3 years old can have a free ride).
The train trip is a novelty in itself as it is not only peaceful (as well as exciting) yet it is also ascetically beautiful taking in the glory of a pristine bamboo forest, rainforest and gorgeous orchids). It is exciting as it is a steep, curvy and fun filled ride which is enchanting beyond measure.

Visit the souvenir and café shop

(Open from 6am-4pm, 7 days a week)
Enjoy a coffee, parfait, fruit salad or bite to eat after visiting the astounding attractions at the Big Pineapple and be sure to remember your special visit to the Big Pineapple by taking away a souvenir memory for you or as a gift for your loved ones.

Music festivals and events

The Big Pineapple provides great entertainment from time to time with music festivals and events which can include popular bands, DJ’s, booths, show rides and tasty food. These festivals and events are distinguishably known to provide fantastic entertainment. The Buderim Fiesta Motel is one of the best motel to stay at if you are planning to attend one of these popular festivals/events as it is only a short driving distance from the venue where one can take their own car or taxi.

Saturday Markets

(Open from 6:30am-1pm)
These markets are unique in their own right as they sell fresh locally grown produce which have not been subjected to chemicals. Numerous ornaments, products, kids/baby clothing and other merchandise are found at the Saturday markets. This is a great way to spend your Saturday morning!!!!

Big Pineapple

Address: Nambour Connection Rd, Woombye QLD 4559
Phone: (07) 5442 3102

Distance from Buderim Fiesta Motel:
7 minutes drive

The Big Pineapple on the map