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Buderim forest waterfall walk

Buderim forest waterfall walk is located in a pristine setting and is an exquisitely aesthetically beautiful natural environment and exudes serenity and peace to those who encounter the forest. Located very close to the township of Buderim in a 45-hectare property, one can find this gorgeous place on the north-side of Buderim. Adults and children love Buderim forest waterfall walk for many reasons including not only the beautiful environment one can witness as one embarks on the walk but the waterfall one encounters which provides a perfect swim right under the water-fall. The falls are widely also known as ‘Serenity falls’ and the term is historically derived from the traditional Kabi Kabi indigenous landowners who found relaxation and recreation as a regular past-time in this striking and serene environment.

Buderim forest is home to a number of creatures that one can hear and see during the walk. There is nothing more perfect that getting up close to the diverse critters in the forest and seeing and hearing them in their natural environment.

Paddymelons, lorikeets, gliders, black-cockatoos, lizards, goannas, grey fantails, monitors, and pale yellow robins are some of the diverse inhabitants living in the forest under and amidst the tall trees, ferns, cascades and natural beauty of Buderim forest.

Whether you are an avid photographer, enjoy a bit of a hike in nature’s beauty, bird-watcher or nature lover, everyone can enjoy this place and partake in the discovery of happiness one experiences in the midst of natural beauty. The large wooden boardwalk provides a beautiful view, ideal for capturing the perfect photo opportunity and after you finish the walk, you can enjoy a barbeque or picnic by utilising the picnic tables and electric barbeques.

This place is a sanctuary and ideal for everybody who wants to enjoy the beauty of a forest paradise, streams and walking tracks. The walking track has two entry points and is about a 45 minute walk one way, however, you can take shorter walks.

Come and enjoy the beauty of this green oasis and enjoy positive feelings derived from encountering a gorgeous natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Buderim forest waterfall walk

Distance from Buderim Fiesta Motel:
9 minutes drive

Buderim Forest Park