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Have fun at Sea-Life

(open 9am-5pm daily)
Sea-Life (formally known as ‘Underwater-world’) is an ideal adventure for anyone visiting the Sunshine Coast. The best part of this aquatic park is that it is only a 15/20 minute drive from the Buderim Fiesta motel. It is located at the beautiful Mooloolaba wharf, and provides an exciting/fun packed exploration for all visitors. Located in the gorgeous town of Mooloolaba, it is the perfect setting for fun. The centre is the home to various aquatic species from the ocean and coral reef. Kids, adults, couples, singles, groups, school classes, tourists and anyone wanting to learn and view beautiful creatures of the ocean will not be disappointed by coming to ‘Sea-Life’. There are so many exciting attributes to the park and one can expect to see dolphins, seals, large turtles, sharks, dugongs and other sea life.

Sea-Life (Underwater-world) formally opened in 1989. Jackie Chan’s film, ‘Police Story Four’ shot several of its scenes in ‘Underwater world’. It has undergone various changes over the years, however, it is a popular place to visit due to the sensational creatures it has living in its complex.

Sea-Life staff and guides are dedicated to educating visitors about all the marine life at the park and they are committed to ensuring that the place remains a rehabilitation centre for various aquatic species such as dolphins, seals, turtles and dugongs.

Amazing things to do

There are a vast array of things to do that cater for people from all walks of life. You can watch the seal show and be entertained by their cheeky antics, watch marine life during feeding time, dive with sharks, learn about oceanic creatures through talks and presentations given by knowledgeable staff.

Tidal touch pool

Kids and all aquatic animal lovers will love this as you can touch all kinds of species of marine animals including sea cucumbers, sea-stars, sea urchins and other animals in the touch pool. This is a wonderful experience to enhance your knowledge about marine life by not only touching the animals but having staff on hand to educate and promote and increase awareness about the different species.

Take a train trip and take in the breathtaking sites

(Departing every ½ hour, the train trip is $5 per person and children under 3 years old can have a free ride).
The train trip is a novelty in itself as it is not only peaceful (as well as exciting) yet it is also ascetically beautiful taking in the glory of a pristine bamboo forest, rainforest and gorgeous orchids). It is exciting as it is a steep, curvy and fun filled ride which is enchanting beyond measure.

Seal Island

Everyone loves going to seal island and watching the fantastic/entertaining seal show. The seals are extremely cute and love providing a happy/cheeky show for the audience. The show is lively, fun, educational and provides awareness about the residential seals. To make your visit memorable, be sure to have a picture taken with them after the show.

Sharks alive

This is a fantastic attraction to see. Hop on the 80 metre moving walkway and be taken through the shark oceanic tunnel where you can see huge sharks, reef fish, rays, saw fish and other marine life. The tunnel is quite an experience, seeing these creatures swimming above you and all around you in the 260 foot tunnel.

Freshwater streams

Come and visit ‘Sea-Life’s famous resident, Marg, a freshwater crocodile. She has her own character and is a content resident in the freshwater stream. You will also delight seeing giant barramundi in the freshwater streams.

Jelly-fish kingdom

Visit the jelly fish and view their striking colours and elegant movements. Learn some interesting facts about jelly-fish. One fact is that jellyfish have been in this world for millions of years, long before the dinosaurs.

Sea-horse sanctuary

Sea horses are really interesting and lovely aquatic species. Come and learn about them and watch them glide slowly and elegantly through the water, often linking in chains. It is interesting to note that male sea-horses carry their eggs in their tummy until birth and they mate for life.

There are lots more fun things to do at ‘Sea Life’ including the ‘Octonauts zone’ and ‘Ship-wreck shores’ for kids. If you are a thrill seeker, dive with the sharks at ‘Shark Dive Xtreme’. You can book an adventure with the seals and even have a birthday party at ‘Sea Life’. Have a glance at species from the world famous Great Barrier Reef by looking at the ‘Pacific Reef Tank’. It is a place where everyone will enjoy an adventure. Be sure to visit the gift shop to make your visit truly special and memorable by taking home a souvenir.

UnderWater World Sea Life Aquarium

Address: Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Distance from Buderim Fiesta Motel:
11 minutes drive

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